Sunday, December 13, 2009

One strike! You're OUTTA HERE!

Upon my arrival to work the other evening I quickly noticed an absence in our midst. Where was my work friend, the female youth of America?

I went on a manhunt (lady hunt? missing waitress hunt? poisonous person hunt? whatev!) I looked in the cooler and by the gelato freezer, I looked in the wait station and by the bar, I looked out the window and under a chair (I looked FREAKING EVERYWHERE!) So I looked at the schedule and it was as thought she had never been born. No sign of her anywhere! DOOM!

There was nobody to ask because they were all out back chugging on their hatorade, so I rustled around feeling confused. After a time I tracked down Marissa and said WTF? In hushed tones over the roar of the salad spinner she explained to me that there had been a MAJOR problem the previous Saturday. Evidently my WF had been the maker of the worst thing in the world: A MISTAKE. She had had a very particular couple of guests and had problems with several parts of their order. Bottom line, it was a situation that could happen to anyone at any time. Despite her best efforts she was unable to make them feel ok about the situation and they left in a very unhappy huff. She came in for work the following day to find that without notice, a warning or phone call she had been taken off the schedule (but oddly enough, only for 2 days.) After her 2 days were up, and after many unsuccessful attempts to schedule a meeting of the minds with Bobbi the Boss she went back on in. To make a very long story short she was fired- but had to literally drag it out of them that that was the case..... Good to know that it's one strike and you're out around here!

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